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Safety Dynamics' SENTRI Gunshot Detection Protects Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco

A SENTRI Gunshot Detection system has been installed in the entrance area of the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco. This unique approach to securing the foyer area of the bank integrates SENTRI's novel capability of detecting gunshot in noise with the building's legacy security system. If a shooter discharges a weapon inside the building, the SENTRI system will lock down all security doors to the bank, trapping the shooter inside. This SENTRI application demonstrates the significant value of gunshot detection for the purpose of asset protection for federal facilities—both indoors and outdoors.

sentri federal reserve bank san francisco

The Federal Reserve Bank integrates SENTRI with door security system

ELSAG North America Announces Teaming Agreement with Safety Dynamics to Produce Unprecedented Law Enforcement Technology

ELSAG North America announces a Teaming Agreement with Safety Dynamics Inc. to bring their technologies together and produce the most effective law enforcement tool available to date. Safety Dynamics is currently selling and supporting a gunshot recognition system for law enforcement called SENTRI. The system recognizes gunshots, explosive and impulsive sounds and sends azimuth and elevation details to cameras which can then move to the source of the event. The sensor technology suite will capture video images of license plates located in the area where the gunshots go off as well as video of the shooter. ELSAG's ALPR cameras are the most efficient in the business being able to read up to 3,600 tags per minute at an extremely high accuracy rate.

sentri mobile gunshot location

ELSAG and Safety Dynamics to team

SENTRI Gunshot Recognition: The Future of Crime Prevention

State of the art technology that could play a huge role someday in fighting crime is in Tucson, AZ. It's called instant gunfire recognition--and this essentially is how it works: A shot is fired in a metropolitan area, within one second of the shooter pulling the trigger, microphones pick it up, a camera zooms in and authorities instantly have some idea who and what they're dealing with.

"So in most cases, the shooter hasn't even begun to drop their arm yet and we're already looking at the scene." said Wayne Lundeberg, Chief Operating Officer of Safety Dynamics: a Tucson-based company with gunshot detection technology in the US and Mexico.

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KOLD in Tucson Reports SENTRI could be the future of crime prevention

City Of Baltimore Tests SENTRI Gunshot Detection Device

City police hope they will one day have an easier time solving shootings with the help of new technology. The latest police tool to catch criminals is being tested on top of some blue light cameras. It's gunshot detection. "The way the technology is designed is that the sensor would actually redirect the camera in the direction in which the shot sound came from," said Cheryl Goldstein with the Baltimore mayor's office. Each sensor is supposed to be able to hear a gunshot within 600 feet. That's about the distance from a blue light camera to one or two city blocks. For now there are two sensors installed in East Baltimore. The city is working with the vendor, Safety Dynamics, to make sure the system is worth the investment before buying anything. Johns Hopkins used a different vendor last year. "What the city is looking for is a gunshot technology that can identify a gunshot, and will not alert when there's other noise." said Goldstein. So far the city says the two sensors are showing promise.

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WJZ in Baltimore Reports SENTRI units as "promising" gunshot location system

Baton Rouge Police Feature Mobile SENTRI for Crime Prevention

The new gunshot detection units will allow Baton Rouge police to transport the crime prevention functions of SENTRI to areas of immediate need and special community events. Crime rates at Safety Dynamics installations typically fall 14% with the presence of the new technology and a 35% drop in shootings and calls to 911 are realized within weeks. The Baton Rouge Police like the idea of moving SENTRI to various locations in the city that are seeing high rates of crime and for local community events to increase public safety through the SENTRI's unmatched detection and localization of gunshots in less than one second.

sentri mobile gunshot location

Baton Rouge Police deploy SENTRI on a mobile platform

Safety Dynamics Completes LA Sheriff's Installation of Gunshot Detection

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton and other police officials gathered at a news conference to announce the completion of work to install Safety Dynamics' SENTRI gunshot detection for urban crime prevention in the city of Compton. SENTRI units consisting of a camera and four microphones were scattered all over town a month ago, officials said. "As soon as it hears shots fired, boom, the cameras turn," said sheriff's Lt. Scott Edson. The SENTRI unit is able to detect shots fired from within a quarter-mile radius and can even distinguish the type of rounds fired, said sheriff's Lt. David Telley. The unit employs neural networks, so it can listen for the temporal pattern of a gunshot and ignore similar sounds, like a bus backfire. The Sheriff's Department had tried similar technology, but Edson said the older equipment does not have cameras, only listening devices. "It's going to be like another eye for us, which will help us apprehend any suspects," Deputy Tony Bowie said of the new technology.

sentri mobile gunshot location

SENTRI "Another eye for police in Los Angeles"